String operators

strSearch(string, substring, start, end)

Searches a string inside another string and returns the index(zero-based) of the first occurrence. If not found, returns -1.
string : The string to search from.
substring : The string to search for.
start : The starting index position for the search. Optional.
end : The ending index position for the search. Optional.
If both start and end are left empty, the search will cover the entire string.

strConcat(string0, string1, ...)

Joins all the (string type) arguments together and returns the concatenated string.


Converts a string to lowercase letters.


Converts a string to uppercase letters.


Returns the length of the string.

strExtraction(string, start, count)

Extracts characters from a string.
string : The string to extract characters from.
start : The starting index position for the extraction.
count : The number of characters needs to be extracted from the start position. If the value is -1, every character starting from the start position will be extracted.


Converts a value to a string. Returns null if the argument is null or missing.
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