Visit https://www.scout.cool to enjoy a playful way of exploring the Ethereum blockchain data.
"The platform is super easy and nice to use. It is a lot more intuitive and simpler compared to writing straight SQL."
---- An early user of Scout
The Scout Chart Creator is a data visualization tool. It empowers you to explore the Ethereum blockchain data without writing a single line of SQL query or code. You can access it by clicking "+New Chart" on the left navigation panel.

1. The essentials of Ethereum transaction data

A big part of the information on Ethereum is embedded in its transaction data and you will likely spend lots of time woking with them. Here is a nice tutorial that walks you through the essentials of the transaction data.

2. Get to know "Pipeline":

The foundation of Scout Chart Creator is based on the Pipeline concept. Check out this short tutorial to get familiar with how "Pipeline" works on Scout.
It is very important that you do not skip
two steps. It will make your following journey significantly smoother.

3. Time for more real actions!

In the Get Started section, we will pick a common use case, "visualizing token activities", to show you more building blocks in Scout.

4.The "Starter dashboard"

Once you log in, we have prepared a starter dashboard which has more examples. You can either edit them directly or duplicate them.
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