Customized data sources for Livepeer protocol

1. Orchestrators information

Every round, the Livepeer protocol distributes new tokens to all the orchestrators in the network. When that happens, a log called Reward is recorded on the blockchain. We take a snapshot of all below values during that transaction.
  • blockNumber and blockTimestamp: The block number and time when Reward was logged.
  • transactionHash: The transaction where Reward was logged.
  • transcoder 🌶: The address of the orchestrator who has claimed the reward
  • earnings: How much LPT is earned by this orchestrator in this round.
  • earningsCut: The fraction of LPT earned by stakes from delegators.
  • earningsSelf: The fraction of LPT earned by orchestrator's self staking.
  • pendingStake: How much pending stake the orchestrator has in this round.
  • rewardCut: the percentage of profit that the orchestrator takes from its delegators.
  • round: The round number when the reward was claimed.
  • transcoderTotalStake: How much total stake the orchestrator has at the beginning of this round.
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