How to use a variable in a Pipeline


Sometimes, you want an option to pass a variable through the url of a chart and make the chart more dynamic. You can use the special variable $url. Here is the format:
$url.<Variable Name> = <Default Value>
For example, instead of hardcoding the address "0xCb4A3C00" in the pipeline, you can write it as the below example: $url.address=0x0Cb4A3C00eB951EdAe0849F3691bcF1d017206a4
Name the variable as "address" and assign a default value "0xCb4A3C00"
In the url of your chart, you can append something like "?address=0xblablala". If you don't append anything, the pipeline will use the default value "0xCb4A3C00" to render the chart.
Last modified 1yr ago
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